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AltaVista - My favorite Web search engine, provided by one of my former employers, Digital Equipment Corporation. I like to use AltaVista's advanced query mode, which allows you to use complex query expressions that can be very useful for filtering large numbers of hits.

Google and NorthernLight are also very good Web search engines.

Switchboard - This is a great "white pages" directory that contains telephone listings for the entire USA. It's provided by my current employer, Banyan Systems Incorporated. If you register with Switchboard, you can take complete control of your listing, and add things like your email address and a link to your home page. They have a neat feature with a silly name -- "Knock-Knock" -- that lets you hide as much of your listing as you want, while still letting people send you a brief email message if they wish to contact you. (They never even see your email address, though!)

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